The Off Camber Team

Meet the Talent Behind the Trades

The Off Camber leadership team began leveraging algorithmic trading in early 2015 and have developed a suite of strategies that have allowed their portfolio to consistently outperform the market. Off Camber Creative is taking their expertise and strategies and utilizing automation to allow for more efficient, scalable, and profitable trading of multiple asset classes.  

Chris Page

Founder and CEO

Chris has a track record of success in the areas of finding innovative solutions to business problems, assembling and leading technical and business teams through the development of those solutions, and bringing those products and services to market. Prior to founding Off Camber Creative, Chris served for ten years at one of the largest non-profit organizations in the U.S. as Director of Information Technology. Before that, he founded MaximumASP, an application hosting infrastructure company that grew over his seven years there to become one of the global leaders in Microsoft web application hosting, managing 1000’s of servers for businesses in over 70 countries. Prior to MaximumASP, Chris served as CTIO of another technology start-up which, through explosive growth he was instrumental in facilitating, would become

When not glued to his trading workstations, Chris can be found spending every moment possible with his saint of a wife and five boys (and one sweet daughter-in-law), traveling anywhere time and opportunity permits, snowboarding, or stuck in the mud in his Jeep.

John Beran

Senior Advisor - Corporate Development

John is an entrepreneur that has scaled a few lifetimes of experience and worn many hats including Chief Financial, Chief Operating and Chief Executive Officer roles in both start-ups and large enterprises ($300 million to $3 billion).

John’s career started at KPMG and evolved to CFO of Aurora Health Care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin before relocating to Louisville, Kentucky as Chief Operating Officer of a large health care services company.  Since 2000, John has invested in or helmed over a dozen ventures. 

John brings to Off Camber a proven record of achivement and knowledge of scaling success from start-up to maturation. 

John’s off-time pursuits include preparation for a marathon and a minor addiction to golf. 

Marc Stevens

Senior Advisor - Platform Development

Marc retired from United Parcel Service after 36 years of service. At UPS, Marc held various positions in the engineering group, transportation operations and technology.  During his tenure as systems manager, Marc led efforts to advance UPS’s transportation technology throughout the UPS network and pioneered a number of service measurement, reporting and planning tools.  He was instrumental with improving internal and external tracking visibility and helped lead the evolution of transportation planning systems.
Marc’s working knowledge of Analytics and Optimization bring invaluable expertise and insight to the continuous customization and tuning of Off Camber's automated trading platform and strategies.
In his leisure time Marc enjoys playing golf and enjoying the outdoors.

Raynaldo Rivera

Director of Quantitative Research

Mr. Rivera is an industry expert in the field of network security, and has extensive knowledge of markets and automated trading systems. He has been Involved in multiple startups in both the public and private sector, and has managed multiple development teams for small and large corporations.

Dr. Ryan Vogt, Ph.D

Lead Mathmatician 

Dr. Vogt is a mathematician with advanced degrees in computer science and operations research, and a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics.  His primary expertise is in large scale nonlinear optimization, stochastic and deterministic partial-differential equations, optimal control theory, and machine learning.  Ryan has applied his skills to add scientific contributions to several fields such as quantum computing, electrodynamics, and quantum molecular dynamics. 

When Ryan isn't busy solving ridiculous equations he is in the gym working towards benching 315 pounds.

Dr. John Lagergren, Ph.D

Lead Machine Learning Scientist 
(a.k.a. Diviner of Secret Knowledge)

Dr. Lagergren is a research mathematician with a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from North Carolina State University.  His primary expertise is in scientific machine learning and data-driven discovery of mathematical models.  John's research is focused on equation learning, theory-informed deep learning, and geometric deep learning to solve scientific problems in biology, physics, and the natural sciences.


In his free time John enjoys cooking and spending time in nature.

Edmund C. Moy

Edmund C. Moy

Senior Strategic Advisor

The Honorable Edmund C. Moy is former Director of the U.S. Mint (2006-2011) and a former Special Assistant to the President at The White House (2001-2006).  He currently serves as television commentator, author, and a board member or advisory board members to 5 different companies, including ICOx Innovations and AID:Tech.  

Mr. Moy brings unique insight to the Off Camber team in his role as Strategic Advisor.  He was the Chief Strategist at Fortress Gold Group and was instrumental in developing the BitcoinIRA, the first of its kind and a commercial success.

Don Fitzpatrick

Senior Strategic Advisor

Don is a seasoned global technology executive. Prior to his recent retirement from IBM, he served as General Manager, Global Networking Alliances, having overall responsibility for revenue, strategy, and execution with IBM’s top worldwide networking partners. This multi billion role entailed working closely at senior executive levels with IBM’s largest networking and infrastructure partners, including Cisco Systems, VMware, Juniper Networks, and others. 

Before rejoining IBM in 2001, Don served as CEO of AdWare Systems, Inc., a leading solutions provider to the global advertising industry, where he led the transformation of their U.S. and London-based application offerings to a cloud based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, while expanding AdWare's customer base to over twenty countries.

Don continues to engage in a number of local education and economic development initiatives, while providing advice and counsel to various technology related organizations on a local and national basis.  He enjoys playing golf - particularly when able to keep the ball in the fairway.