The Off Camber Fund

The Benefits of Digital Asset Ownership without the Complexity.

Off Camber Creative provides a unique and specialized trading platform for investment in digital currencies: The Off Camber Fund. Bitcoin and other digital currencies, built upon blockchain technology, represent one of the most important technological and financial innovations in our lifetimes, and they present an enormous opportunity for investors. However, trading in digital assets requires a steep learning curve, and small mistakes can be very costly. Off Camber can help you navigate this exciting new territory and partner with you to add the explosive growth of digital currencies to your portfolio.

The Off Camber Fund - By the Numbers

(Dec 1 2017 - Aug 31 2018)


Bitcoin "Buy and Hold" ROI


Off Camber Fund ROI


Market Trades (buy/sell)


Fund ROI vs Bitcoin ROI

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Why Invest in the Off Camber Fund?

Investing in digital assets is still in its infancy and is therefore not well understood by most people.  The markets are global, accessible by anyone, they never close, they are largely sentiment driven, and compared to traditional markets, the volatility is off the charts.  The Off Camber leadership team began trading in Bitcoin and other digital currencies in early 2015 and have developed a suite of strategies that have allowed their portfolio to consistently outperform the cryptocurrency market by several multiples. Off Camber Creative is taking their expertise and strategies and utilizing automation to allow for more efficient, scalable, and profitable trading of digital currencies. 


We monitor and study the digital currency market 24/7. We do fundamental and technical analysis, follow trends and keep up with the latest developments and news, and utilize our proprietary trading strategies and automation.

Proprietary Automation

Humans can only manage so much analysis, and they require sleep. We are a Premier Partner of Haas Online, the gold standard of digital currency trading automation, and we deploy their platform on servers around the globe to implement our proprietary trading strategies that monitor and trade hundreds of currencies 24/7. 


To protect the fund’s assets from unauthorized access, Off Camber employs the highest standards of security related to network management, key/seed generation, wallet creation and management using various hardware and offline methods, key storage, and audited multi-sig key usage.

Diversification and Transparency

Our Fund employs multiple concurrent strategies to reduce risk. Our client and financial administration is executed and audited by an accredited accounting firm, constantly monitoring all of the asset movements and total solvency of the fund.

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