The Benefits of Digital Asset Ownership without the Complexity

Invest in and profit from ownership in a digital asset equity fund with a proven track record of consistantly outperfoming the cryptocurrency market.

The Off Camber Fund

Off Camber Creative provides a unique and specialized trading platform for investment in digital currencies: The Off Camber Fund. Bitcoin and other digital currencies, built upon blockchain technology, represent one of the most important technological and financial innovations in our lifetimes, and they present an enormous opportunity for investors. However, trading in digital assets requires a steep learning curve, and small mistakes can be very costly. Off Camber can help you navigate this exciting new territory and partner with you to add the explosive growth of digital currencies to your portfolio.

By the Numbers

(Dec 1 2017 - Aug 31 2018)


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Off Camber Fund ROI


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Fund ROI vs Bitcoin ROI

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Why We Invest in Digital Assets

The practical applications of blockchain and digital currencies are nearly limitless. Billions of dollars are being invested in companies building new businesses and processes on top of these digital platforms in just the last year. However, we believe there is more investor value and less risk in investing directly in the digital currencies and networks themselves as opposed to investing in these individual companies. Every successful business built on top of a blockchain platform will add value to the entire network.


Developments are moving extremely fast and are constantly gaining more traction. We also expect an increased adoption of the different applications of blockchain and digital currency over time.


Digital currencies can be traded at any moment in time; the global market never closes. This high degree of liquidity and volatility makes our digital currency portfolio highly adaptable to changing market conditions.


During times of economic crisis and uncertainty digital currencies tend to thrive. As an independent store of value, digital currencies can act as a good hedge against currency instability.


Diversification is an important aspect of any good investment strategy, as it reduces overall risk and portfolio volatility. Digital assets offer diversification and potentially explosive growth for any investment portfolio.

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What's the big deal about digital currencies and blockchain?

Blockchain technologies are revolutionizing every industry and have caught the attention of Wall Street, governments, and major private and institutional investors around the globe. These technologies, still in their infancy, provide tremendous opportunity for profitable investing.

Security and Ownership

The management and control of digital currency lies completely with the owner, totally independent from any bank or authority. The proven cryptographic technology and the decentralized nature of digital currency ensure that they cannot be controlled or manipulated by any one party.

Efficient Borderless Transactions

Transferring value and executing critical business processes using digital currency and blockchain technology is faster, less expensive, and more reliable than traditional solutions. Transactions recorded on a blockchain are immutable and considered unhackable.

A Store of Value

Digital currencies are well suited as a store of value because they have a guaranteed and predictable supply which cannot be changed by any authority or central bank, and do to the hackproof cryptography of the blockchain, as long as you protect your private key, they cannot be lost or stolen.

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Ready to learn more about investing in digital assets?

Contact us today to learn more about including managed digital assets and cryptocurrency in your portfolio!