Your Portfolio Manager Doesn't Like Market Volatility.

We Love It.



The Off Camber Distributed Algorithmic Trading Engine

Off Camber Creative has developed a proprietary trading platform for algorithmic intraday trading of equities, options, and futures. Guided by best-practice portfolio management protocols, OCC D.A.T.E. leverages true Artificial Intelligence for realtime strategy performance evaluation and adjustment using evolutionary computation, distributed cloud computing, machine learning, and other technologies to find patterns in market data and make intelligent trade decisions. 

Our automated trading platform outperforms the S&P 500 in 39 of the last 43 months, with historic returns that eclipse even the most speculative managed funds.  We are relentless in our pursuit of harnessing technology to generate real alpha, while effectively managing risk.


We partner with select ultra high net worth individuals, investment management offices and investment clubs to give them an unfair advantage: 100% automated trading that never sleeps, never makes an emotional decision, and quarter over quarter to date, never loses.




*Off Camber ROI/Alpha values above do NOT include OCC Fees.

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